Vellvette Bag

Hey Dolls
today i am going to tell you about Vellvette Bag. Its a bag that you can subscribe to n get very good n branded cosmetics at very affordable prices.
You can get yours at (only for India). and check the bag subscription details at their website.
So i subscribed to it n got my first bag in September n it turned out great i'll write a review about it n also about my October Vellvette Bag.
i thought i should tell you about that bag because i found it quite interesting n AWESOMEEEE so thats why.
I guess thats it (i was cleaning my room n then suddenly i started posting this n my mom is shouting)
so i'll see you later
Bye bye luv u all :*
have a great time (i got confused that whether i should write good day or good night so i ended up writing Time :P :P :D )

For my review on
September Anniversary Vellvette Bag click

October Vellvette Bag click

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